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Smaug Welsh Dragon

This is a dragon loosely based on an Illustration J.R.R Tolkien drew of Smaug from The Hobbit. I also looked at medieval sculptures and images of heraldic Welsh dragons for inspiration. All of the scales are hand sculpted, it took ages!
This is the biggest 3D model I have made so far, it was around 50 million polygons in ZBrush on a subdivision level of 6. I have a limit of 100 million with my current computer, I had to limit the displacement map baking in ZBrush to 5 subdivisions because of this.
Normal map was baked in 3DCoat and I've used a wood PBR material for this presentation.
I rigged the optimised model in Blender using Auto Rig Pro and a dragon rig that I bought off of Blender Market from a set of rigs that work with Auto Rig Pro. I also figured out how to use the pose library in Blender with this project.