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G’MIC Artistic Stylize: pencil, charcoal and pastel

General / 12 November 2021

I made a new video about the pencil, pastel and charcoal styles in the artistic stylize filter in G'MIC. 

Last year I contributed some textures to the 2.7 version of G'MIC (free open source) which create nice texture effects. The intended use was for 3D renders, photographs etc. but I also found it useful in my Illustration workflow for creating a textured base for working into, creating textures for overlaying, or for converting a rough digital painting into a pencil style. Still need hand drawing skills of course, but it helps create nice textured looks.

Some pictures I've created using the filter in the workflow:

I’ve also created a pack of textures that includes some extra styles for the filter available on my Gumroad store here. To use the extra styles you have to use pattern fill method I wrote about here.

Hi! Let me introduce myself

General / 14 October 2021

Hi there, my name is Christine. I love to do digital paintings and I'm learning 3D art. Over the years I've had a few freelance Illustration jobs. My most recent one was on an indie game called "The Adventures of Wolf and Hood". I want to work on my own story based Illustration projects going forward.

I also write articles for a blog called "The Art Squirrel" where I like to talk about things I'm experimenting with and working on concerning digital art. I'm trying to make it a useful free resource for people.

I've been painting digitally since 2004 and I started to learn 3D art in 2018 using Blender. I started learning ZBrush in 2020 and I'm enjoying trying new things.

My degree was in Archaeology so I'm mostly self taught in art although I've been drawing all my life. I try to level up all the time whilst striving to keep the passion for it, but sometimes it is hard.  In 2016 I started a blog as a way to keep myself motivated after finishing a foundation art diploma at my local college after years of putting off what I wanted to do. Please check it out if you have time at "The Art Squirrel".

I started a blog here on Artstation as well so that I can show WIPs and studies because after leaving social media I don't really have a place I do that anymore.

Thanks for reading!